Increase Your Life Force with Online Kundalini Yoga

Breathing is something we mostly do unconsciously. It is the very thing that keeps us alive in our human body.

I teach all my online Kundalini Yoga classes via Zoom, so you can tune in from the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world.

During the one-hour class, I include a variety of breathing techniques. When we breathe during yoga, we are breathing consciously, and this improves our life force energy. We breathe with awareness into different parts of the body. We learn to increase the inhale and the exhale. The slower your rate of breathing, the more control you have over your mind.

Your rate of breathing and state of mind are inseparable. You will find as you develop a regular practice through online Kundalini Yoga you will calm your mind through your breathing.

Modern life is busy and stress is real, the mind is racing with plans, worry, fear, jealousy, but through yoga, we can calm and quiet the mind with our practice.

As you do this, you will then strengthen your immune system and the quality of the breath increases your life force.

“Breathe with a person because your total life is based on the breath of life” YB

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