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I am eternally grateful to have studied with Dr. Mary and Ron Hulnick at the University of Santa Monica, Los Angeles graduating in 2016 with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. It is this teaching that I use as a coach to facilitate my clients through challenging times.

What is Spiritual Psychology I hear you think? The word Psyche means breath and soul. In the western tradition of Psychology – it became the science of the mind and behavior only.

40 years ago, Dr. Mary and Ron Hulnick created this amazing curriculum teaching us that we are more than just our minds and behavior, we are part of something greater than the physical dimension we can see.

Spiritual Psychology is the corner stone of my coaching, working on the basis that healing is the application of love to the places inside of us that hurt.

Life throws us many challenges which can end up making us feel depressed, disconnected and lost.

Seeking help is the very first step in supporting healthy change in your life. It can feel scary if you have never spoken to anyone before but if you reach out for the right support, our darkest times can often be the most profound where deep transformations are born.

You do not have to walk the path less travelled alone!


    Tara helped me process a lot of pent-up grief. My husband and I’s marriage had ended 10 years prior to working with Tara, it was stored inside me as anger which then led to Breast Cancer and Heart disease. Tara is compassionate and very easy to talk to. The relationship between unresolved issues and physical issues is real. I would highly talking to Tara

    Cathy, LA

    I worked with Tara to process a miscarriage and failed IVF attempts that I found incredibly hard. So often you feel like you don’t have the right to feel much as it’s such a common phenomenon. I was struggling so much to confide with friends and family, I felt triggered by everything they said to try and console me. I was relieved to be able to receive coaching, I felt so loved and supported through an incredibly difficult fertility journey.

    Laura, UK

    My Father died unexpectedly, and it took me many years to heal. I was reluctant to talk to anyone, but Tara came highly recommended through a friend. I learnt a lot about grief, and she was able to relate since she had been through something very similar. I will always be incredibly grateful for the personal introduction. I do not know where I would be today without. Thank you.

    Jess, UK

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