Café Conscious

Cafe Conscious Group

Café Conscious is an 11 week course, meeting for 1 hour each week via Zoom. The course is designed to introduce practices and principles of a ‘Spiritual Life’ and to support each individual through shifts and changes they are currently experiencing

Cafe Conscious

Each participant actively engages in every session by sharing authentically from their heart. We practice compassionate listening without giving feedback. This is a confidential group where a safe and loving space is contained and held for each person to be fully seen and listened to

Best Cafe Conscious Group

Expect to feel uplifted after each session and become part of a community. Each group is curated and there is a maximum of 6 participants. The next group starts in January 2021

Cafe Conscious Group

5 Star Approach

  • Zoom call per week for 11 weeks
  • Grounding meditation to start each session
  • Handout on the weekly topic
  • Easy homework to keep you engaged between classes
  • WhatsApp text support throughout the course


“Café Conscious is a safe, spiritual and inspiring space and community, if you like personal development, or if you’re struggling with an issue or circumstance and you want a new lens to look at life through. I found the topics and philosophies very interesting and insightful and I now try to integrate my learnings from the course into my day-to-day life and to help me have a more peaceful, accepting, inspiring, exciting life full of joy and love.’

Harriet, London

“Café Conscious group designed and led by Tara was a brand new concept that I had no expectations but the course has really transformed my life in many ways. I understand my emotion better, I am more brave of doing things I want to do and not worrying other’s opinions, and I connect with people I care more. There are so many components within this wonderful course of life that we may not think about or read in media. It’s powerful and love-centered, you feel you can give more and you are open to receive too. Thankyou Tara for this experience.”

Kuo-Fang, Ascot

“I found Tara’s method of working extremely beneficial, particularly those parts that were challenging for me, such as her commitment to no feedback after sharing. Not only did I find it challenging to not offer advice and support to others but I also found it strange and unsettling at first to not receive feedback on my own weekly update.

Opening up in a safe and focused environment and then having to sit with what you’ve shared allows you to grow in ways I couldn’t have possibly imagined. The beauty of Tara’s methodology is she is quietly setting you up to be able to do the work yourself. This is a true gift and one that promotes sustained and real growth.

Tara is a very special person and having done her course it is not hard to understand why her beautiful presence, message and ability to hold the space resonates with so many.”

Clemmie, London

“I completed an 11 week Café Conscious group. At a time when we couldn’t meet up in person a zoom Café was created across the globe. I have really enjoyed connecting to these wonderful women across the world, checking in each week listening to Tara’s new topic, and sharing our takes and our views. All in the names of raising our awareness and consciousness. Tara is a word originating from Sanskrit, meaning star, and it symbolizes the light of the soul. Tara brings both light and soul to the Café! Thank you”

Emma, London

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