In Grief – When To Consider Joining A Support Group

When you are in a group of people who are going through the same thing, you listen to one another and hear what other people are experiencing. We have those ‘same here!’ moments when someone experiences something similar to you and you realise you are not alone in your crazy thoughts and feelings.


Being in a grief support group with complete strangers, gives you the space each week to explore the conflicting and confusing emotions that are the concoction of grief. Your initial perception of a group like this might be everyone crying their eyes out, but laughter often features! All your emotions are welcome and all of you is welcome! This is a safe space where we lose our judgements and invite you to be authentic and say whatever you need to say.

Grieving is love. If you want to feel love or have somewhere to put your love, a grief support group could be a very beneficial step and an act of service by being there for others in this emotional place. I always say, we are all teachers for one another. The elixir of the group turns our pain into power, by showing up, sharing and supporting one another we feel relief, we leave the group feeling uplifted from the support and from the safety  of sharing our vulnerable aching hearts.


Testimonial from a recent Grief Group:

I came to Tara, in the hope to heal some old wounds of loss and also some new!!

Tara has an insanely intuitive personality! Her love for making things better; her compassion and driven ability to want to help others is what you can expect to find on her courses! You always feel that your voice is being heard – her groups are arranged that way – so that you have your time to talk, you never feel rushed! Weekly direction of quotes, practices and knowledge as well as music to shine the soul and meditations to uplift you! She is able to mix her professional stance and knowledge with personal feelings of loss and create an inspired and fulfilling energy in the group of hope and moving forwards! A beautiful experience that I’m forever grateful for! Xx ??☀️?❤️


If you are interested in joining a Grief Group, please email me [email protected]

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